1. Access to your home:  You may provide us with a key, code to garage or key pad.   We are honored that you are trusting us to clean your home.  We will ensure that your key or codes are secured in a locked cabinet.  All keys must be signed out and signed back in at the end of the day.  We complete in-house quality service inventory audits weekly to ensure keys are accounted for and safely secured. 
  2. Cancellations:  We understand emergencies arise.   Please try to provide us with notification of your cancellation 48-24 hours in advance.   On the day of your service, you find a sudden illness or emergency happening, please reach out to us prior to 7:00 am (a text is fine).  
  3. Team Safety:  For our safety, we do not use ladders nor can we lift or move heavy objects. We cannot step up any higher than our 2-step stool nor can we lift / move heavy objects.
  4. Inclement Weather: We are all familiar with our Jersey ice and snow storms, and in the event that the weather is bad, we will determine whether or not it is safe to travel.  We will usually lean on the side of safety first and if we must cancel, we will contact you and reschedule asap.
  5. Arrival Time:  We will always make every effort to arrive on time for our service.   Depending on the weather, traffic, the time of day or whether we left the service prior to your scheduled appointment later than usual, we do not have little if any control on our arrival time.  We must allow ourselves a one hour grace period to arrive after any scheduled time especially if your service is not our first of the day.  In the event that we know we will be late due to circumstances out of our control, we will notify you and keep you updated on our estimated time of arrival. 
  6. We remove trash from bathrooms and replace liners.  We will be happy to include waste removal from bedrooms, laundry and other areas of your home if you prefer - if you would leave us a large garbage bag to collect all the waste we will be happy to. Unfortunately, we cannot take the bag of garbage with us as we are restricted at our own homes to the limit of waste bags ourselves.  You can let us know where in your home or garage that we can place the bag of trash we collected and we will take care of it
  7. We do not have contracts.  We want to earn your business every time we provide service.  If you are not satisfied with any of our work or if something was missed, we ask that you contact us within 24 hours from your service and we will of course correct the issue to your satisfaction right away - 100% guaranteed!
  8. Payment:  We prefer to invoice our customers following our service as this will allow us to properly calculate the required NJ taxes.   We will invoice our customers following the completion of services through the app Square  which is a secure PCI-compliant payment system that will seamlessly handle the transaction without any hassle. 
  9. Holiday Schedule:  These are the dates when PCT is not providing services: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Eve.  We may offer services on a number of these dates and ending our day at 12 noon.  Feel free to contact us during any of these holidays if you require emergency service (current customers only).  *These dates schedule to change based on the needs of our customers!
  10. Breakage!  The first rule of housekeeping is cause no harm!  Anything of high value, any object that is irreplaceable, a family heirloom, a collection on display, we simply cannot clean and we would much rather not have that responsibility.  If we break anything (and we are human) we will contact you immediately!  We will never not tell you!  If you discover anything broken, feel free to contact our contact number within 24 hours of service.  
  11. PETS! :) We are pet friendly but we cannot be responsible for letting your dogs outside.  Please let us know if your dog or cat becomes anxious due to any equipment or would attempt to run out when we are entering or leaving (high risk pet) your home.  
  12. Clutter and Dirty Dishes:  Some of our customers joke that they have to clean up before we arrive - all we ask is that you remove any clutter (piles of paper, toys, clothing, dishes/anything in your kitchen sink).  If you want us to wash a small amount of dishes and put them into your dishwasher, we can take of that - not a problem.  Of course, if you do want us to include dish washing into your routine, we will be happy to do this.  
  13. There are a number of things that unfortunately we cannot offer as part of our cleaning team's personal safety:  Any surfaces that cannot be reached with a 2-3 step-stool (high window cleaning; exterior window cleaning; cleaning anything hazardous; cleaning freezers; chandeliers; removing mold or paint; move heavy furniture or objects; clean pest / insect areas or remove infestations  (i.e., fleas, bedbugs, roaches, rodents, etc.); cleaning any outdoor surface, area or item; clean concrete flooring or clean any priceless or expensive collectibles (rare collectibles, memorabilia).   We do not have the proper tools or specific expertise in these areas.  It is best to contact specific professionals to address these issues.