Move In & Move Out

Choice Pequest Cleaning Team for your Move In's & Move Out's.   

The apartment and or home must be emptied except for any furnishings belonging to the home.  Or not if you are preparing your home or apartment for a realtor to sell.  We cannot remove excess garbage from residence as all garbage accumulated from tenants / owners must be collected and removed before the clean.  

Kitchen:  All listed below will be thoroughly cleaned & disinfected 

  • All cabinets, drawers & handles/pulls:  inside and out 
  • Dishwasher:  inside, outside & all sides
  • Refrigerator:  If the refrigerator does not have its own water line (for ice maker or water dispensing) & if we are able to move the appliance forward from the wall, then we can clean behind, underneath the refrigerator and all sides. Inside of the refrigerator:  All bins and shelving will be removed, washed and sanitized in hot soapy water, hand dried & placed back inside.  Interior door bin areas will be removed if possible, washed, hand dried & placed back inside.  Interior will be thoroughly cleaned, dried and disinfected.  All exterior areas of the refrigerator that include: Grill & top.  Freezer:  will follow outline above for interior of refrigerator
  • Microwave: inside & out
  • Cook Top:  Inside & outside of hood, grease screens will be cleaned.  Range: A) all stove top cleaned or top or B) burners & drips pans or stove top or C) burners, drip pans & pull out drawer under drip pans. 
  • Oven: A) Self-clean feature:  it is best if this feature is completed the day/night before or  B) Non-self clean:  it is best if the interior is sprayed completely down with oven cleaner to allow for the product to dwell.  The inside will be thoroughly cleaned, the racks taken out and scrubbed.  If there is a storage drawer, it will be removed & completely cleaned.  Inside oven window (if applicable) will be scrubbed. We cannot move oven due to gas / electric lines but will do our best to clean all sides.
  • Counter tops, back splash, baseboards, trim
  • Sink, faucet, stopper: Scrubbed & disinfected
  • Any counter appliances belonging to home:  will be cleaned to a shine 
  • Any dishes, pots, pans belonging to home:  will be inspected for cleanliness.  If not, these items will be washed and items will be placed into a clean cabinet & rearranged in an organized manner 
  • Door frames and any stains or dried food on walls will be washed 
  • All points of contact clean: door knobs, outlets, switch plates
  • Pantry:  thoroughly cleaned out 
  • Floor will be vacuumed & mopped

Bathrooms:  Thoroughly scrubbed, disinfected 

  • Toilets: Rings & any stains will be completely removed & will be scrubbed & sanitized from top to bottom.  
  • Shower, tub, shower doors, chrome fixtures:  scrubbed and sanitized
  • Sinks & counters: scrubbed and sanitized
  • Cabinets, drawers, medicine cabinet, any and all handles/pulls: cleaned inside & out
  • Towel bar, toilet paper holder and all points of contact cleaned, disinfected 
  • Mirrors
  • Windows: Interior will be cleaned - glass, frame
  • All trim, back splash and any stains on walls will be scrubbed and disinfected
  • Floors will be vacuumed and hand washed
All Other Rooms, Foyer:
  • Dust ceiling fan, if reachable
  • Remove cobwebs
  • All points of contact:  light switches, outlets, door knobs
  • Light fixtures will be wiped down or vacuumed (track lighting), vents that we can reach will be vacuumed 
  • Wall trim washed
  • Any hand prints, food, etc on walls, doors, door frame will be washed
  • Windows: (if we can reach the windows) sills, frame and glass interior only 
  • Any glass doors leading outside will be cleaned interior and exterior
  • Dust all blinds 
  • Laundry Room:  Washer interior will be cleaned as described under dishwasher.  All outside & sides if accessible will be wiped down.  Dryer:  Exterior will be wiped down & lint trap will be cleaned
  • Carpets or floors will be vacuumed.  Non-carpeted areas will be vacuumed & mopped
  • Vacuum & mop flooring
  • We do not clean the outside areas such as decks, patios, exterior windows, unfinished basements, concrete floors or garages, however, we will be glad to sweep out these areas if you can provide us with a good broom and dust pan.  Interior spaces: we cannot clean the interior of fire places (other than mantle, trim around fireplace). All furniture: We will dust any and all furniture in home, we cannot remove stains from upholstered furniture, all furniture cushions removed & vacuumed, underneath & behind will be vacuumed.  Dresser drawers will be vacuumed & wiped. Large mirrors or pictures on walls (if we can reach and if secured to the wall) will be dusted and mirrors cleaned.  Utility rooms will be vacuumed and floor washed if not concrete.
  • Interior and exterior of entrance doors:  If we can reach, the entire frame will be washed, windows cleaned
  • All closets vacuumed and shelving dusted
  • Cobwebs will be removed
  • We can shampoo carpets if required.  However, if your carpets are heavily stained or have strong odor from pets or another source, we recommend that you hire a professional carpet cleaning company.
  • Any waste paper cans belonging to the home (bathroom, bedroom, kitchen) will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.