Little Extras

Is there another Little Extra you would like us to add? Please let us know and if we can provide

 this for you, we will!  

Refrigerator Cleaning 

We will take everything out of your refrigerator; wash all bins and shelves in hot soapy water, rinse & hand dry.  Inside of refrigerator will be sparkling  after we thoroughly clean & sanitize !  

This extra will take 1 additional hour or less

Stair Scrub

If you have wood stairs, trim and spindles, we can give them a nice fresh washing and they will be stunning.  After a good vacuuming, we will hand wash each step (top, below, sides) & hand dry.  We will wash the trim and wash the wall up to the handrail.  The handrail and any spindles will be washed and hand dried.

This extra will take 1 additional hour (approximately 13 steps) or less

Floor Trim Washed

Trim around your home collects dust & it makes a huge difference when the trim is cleaned!  During our regular cleanings, we Swiffer all trim and bathroom trims are cleaned as part of our regular service.  For this extra, we will take a hot soapy bucket of clean water, clean microfiber cloths and will scrub the trim clean & then hand dry,  During our service,  we will clean the trim for one hour and make every effort to finish the trim on one or more floors. 

This extra will take one or two additional hours or less depending on the need of the client

 Vents Washed

If you have forced air/heat, it is not uncommon for vents to be clogged with heavy with dust & dirt - not to mention that in this condition, think about the air that is being delivered to you through that vent.  Trying to push through all that dust & dirt.  The air is full of additional dust that will be in the air which eventually settles on your furniture and flooring. If your vents are not up too high on the wall where we are able to reach on our step stool, we will remove the vents, hand wash in soapy hot water and hand dry.  At the vent site we will remove any build up of dust and secure the vent back into place.  This extra takes time to do it right, we have to unscrew each vent one at a time, clean the inside of the vent, wash & hand dry the vent,  then secure with screwdriver back into place the wall.   For one hour, we will work as quickly but as thoroughly as possible to clean as many as we can in one hour.  If your furnace return vent (the very large vent) will also be included in this treatment.

This extra will take one or two additional hours or less

 Furniture Polishing

When we are completing a cleaning service at your home or office, we use a Swiffer Duster on all furnishings.  For leather furnishings, if the client permits, we will wipe down the furniture with a very very damp clean microfiber cloth. When we find that there are finger prints or perhaps something has spilled & now there is a sticky film or mess left behind on any furniture,  during our regular service, we will always & automatically clean areas such as these up (for example, obvious hand / finger prints)   , During regular cleans, we use the Swiffer and we dust all furnishings from top to bottom.  What cleaning companies, including ourselves, do not complete during regular service is applying furniture polish to furnishings. We do not use furniture polish while at your home or office and that is for a reason.  Furniture polish depends on the type of wood or material your furniture is made from and if we were to use a basic furniture cleaner or polish on your furnishings using the wrong type of solution, there is a potential to damage the wood surface.  The first and foremost rule of House Keeping is to do no harm.  All wood furniture requires a specific type of cleaners depending on what the wood it was made from.  You have seen the many types of wood cleaners and polishes at the stores & they are pretty specific as there is a cleaner only to be used for antiques, another brand found are the liquid wood oils or soaps made specifically for another type of wood and of course, the list does continue.  There are many  varieties of furniture cleaners for sale as the owner of the furniture, you would be the best point of contact and the one who knows what product is to be used on your own furniture.  The Swiffer duster does a great job capturing all the dust, but furniture really does pop and looks 100 times better when it is polished or oiled or cleaned with its own specific cleaner. If you would like us to polish your furniture following our Swifter Duster treatment, we would be more than happy to do so. We would use a clean microfiber cloth and we would ask that you provide us with the proper cleaning product.  We will also need for you to indicate specifically which pieces are to be cleaned and which pieces are not to be cleaned with the product.  If there are other furnishings that require different cleaners and we are provided with the specific cleaner for these furnishings, we will of course, complete the polishing of these pieces as well. 

This extra will take 1 additional hour or less
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