Does Pequest Cleaning Team provide all the cleaning solutions, tools & equipment?

  • We utilize the very best line of all natural cleaning solutions, tools & equipment in order to provide you with an outstanding service time after time.  We are proud to provide all our clientele with an exquisite full line of natural Aromatherapy cleaning products and Young's Living Thieves essential oil blend, Thieves Household Cleaner.  However, if you prefer that we use alternative products that you have at your home and would like us to use instead, that of course, is not an issue.

Are your tools cleaned?

  • To prevent cross-contamination and provide you with high quality services, when we arrive at your home or office, we have clean, sanitized & disinfected tools that have been packed for your exclusive use.  If we have three cleanings in a day, we will pack 3 separate supply bags - one for each clean.  At the end of business each day, all of our tools are thoroughly cleaned, sanitized & disinfected.   

Do I have to be home or in the office when you clean?

  • Pequest Cleaning Team, LLC is an insured, registered & fully bonded professional company and we are honored to provide you with service.
  • During our initial clean, it is always best to have you present while we are getting acclimated to the needs of your home. This is also a great time and opportunity for you to communicate what areas and or needs are most important to you and provide us with direct immediate feedback. Following this clean & you are scheduled for routine cleanings, it is completely up to you if you want to be present. We often tell home and business owners, whatever will provide them with the highest comfort level.  We want to ensure your utmost satisfaction and happiness. 

What about access to the home or office?

  • You or staff can be present to let us in or you can provide us with access.  If you do provide us with a key or pass-code, please be assured that the key will be coded for our team (with zero personal information of yours listed) and will be secured in a locked cabinet in our office.  Team members must sign in for  keys & access in and sign keys & access back in at the end of the business day.  Routine quality audit checks are performed on key & access inventory to ensure quality compliance.

Are you licensed, insured, bonded and registered? 

  • Yes, the Pequest Cleaning Team is licensed & registered in the State of New Jersey, fully insured and fully bonded

What happens if you break something?

  • It is our privilege to be in your home or office providing you with our service and we will take every step possible to prevent anything from becoming damaged.  Yet, we are human and in the event that something is broken or damaged, we will take a photo of the damage and we will notify you immediately of the damage.

Do you guarantee your service?

  • Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! We love to clean and use our checklists, however, in the event that you find anything that is not up to your/our standards - contact us within 24 hours and we will gladly return within 24-48 hours day to correct any error and ensure your are satisfied before we leave. Your happiness and complete satisfaction is extremely important to us!

How do I pay?

  • We use the app Square which sends out our invoices and collects for our services once our cleaning is complete which will include a link for you to pay online.  If you would prefer to write out a personal check or pay in cash that is of course fine. If so, we will always provide you with a self-addressed stamped envelope for your convenience to mail our payment.

What about pets?

  • We love pets and in fact, we would like it if you would tell us the names of all your pets.  Also ALL of our products are 100% safe for animals!  We also have wonderful tools to remove pet hair from your furniture (Chom Chom Remover) and our hand-held Shark.  If your pets are okay with us in there, that is fine with us.  
  • We want to ensure the safety of your pets while at your home and for this reason, we cannot be responsible for letting your pets outside. 

Do you have a checklist?  

  • Yes, we have a checklist that we use to ensure all areas have been serviced and  if you like, we will send you a copy via email at the end of our cleaning service (to conserve paper) if requested.  
  • On our checklist we have a number of areas that we also check prior to our leaving (to make sure your animals are safe, the toilets are not running, lights are all out, doors are secured, oven is off, all sources of water (sinks, tubs, showers) are turned off and not running, AC/Heat has been reset, etc.). 

Do you offer any special services?

  • Yes, we have additional services that we can provide you under the Services Tab -> Little Extras.  Please notify us within 7 days in advance so we can make arrangements in our schedule with the clients scheduled for service after your service.  We will include this into the routine and work as efficiently as possible to complete the extra service within the added time. Do not see an additional service that you need?  Then make a suggestion and we can discuss!

 Are there any thing that is off limits?

  1. We cannot move heavy furniture or objects (although we make every effort to complete the vacuuming by ensuring we include areas under and behind your furniture, sometimes we attempt to move a couch up and it is entirely too heavy & will not budge).  If it is safe for both our team and your possessions, if we cannot move we will still try to vac under if there is access to the floor under your furniture.  If you would like us to clean behind a large piece of furniture and before our appointment, you have the opportunity to move the item to allow us access, please feel free to do so!
  2. We cannot use ladders (we do have a step stool that we carry with us) and anything higher that this stool we will not be able to reach.  BUT we do have a cleaning extension pole that extends up to 20 feet (so cobwebs & dust bunnies on the ceilings and ceiling fans are going!)
  3. Personal collections & memorabilia: Respectfully If you have a collection of any kind (sports or memorabilia or expensive & or discontinued china or other collectible on display), we would rather not touch these items. They are priceless to you and we are human, things could break and we could never replace your collectibles.  Artwork (paintings, collectibles, statues) If you have any irreplaceable or delicate items that you do not want us to touch, please just let us know
  4. Clutter on top of desks, dressers, counters, under beds, makes it hard for us to clean the surface or area, so we always will do our very best to work around these areas.  If you have the time to clear these areas before we arrive, we encourage you to do so, then we have a larger space to clean.  Plus, we do not want to move your things and then you will not be able to locate it.  
  5. Cleaning any hazardous materials, delicate chandeliers, freezers, interior of fireplaces, exterior of windows, any fabric upholstered window covering or blind any any exterior spaces (garages, unfinished basements, patios, decks, outdoor/enclosed porches, outdoor exposed furniture or exterior windows)
  6. We apologize but we cannot offer any type of insect / pest removal or post-fumigation cleanings. 
  7. We will be happy to empty your garbage bins throughout your home (we even replace all bathroom liners with scented liners) however, we cannot take your trash with us as we have nowhere to bring it.  We will tie it up and place inside an agreed trash can/bin or your preferred area.