Aromatherapy Naturals

If you have been researching for a home or business cleaning service, you will agree that nearly all, if not all, cleaning companies in today's market, use the marketing strategy by advertising they are a "green" company due to the products they use in their service.  Some companies offer their consumers a choice in cleaning products, traditional harsh cleaning products or for an additional higher price point, 'green' cleaners are also available.  

The reality is that "green cleaning" is no longer an exclusive standard or marketing tool, as green cleaning is the new standard and what is expected in today's competitive market.  But just because the product uses words such as 'natural' or 'green' does not necessarily mean that the product contains 100% natural ingredients.  You can simply do your own on-line research and see for yourself, lists and list,of products that many people are buying and using because they thought they were buying green & clean, when in fact, the products contain dangerous life-threatening ingredients.  Another trend today are the higher-end cleaning products that everyone is purchasing  because the consumer believes they are purchasing a natural cleaner.  I have to admit, the marketing angle on these products have proven to be extremely successful.  Consumers see these cleaning products, beautifully packaged in clear clean bottles that exposing their gorgeous colorful contents.  Pleasing, if not, intoxicating to the eye, the products are actually very beautiful and available in a variety of colors - hot pink, purple, orange, greens....consumers are tricked into thinking that they are using green safe natural products.  We do shop with our eyes & these products live up to the image. We read 'Lavender" and immediately can relate as we can see that the contents are purple and the product has a lovely aroma.  The colors are what drew us but the smells of these products - they are amazing!  So everyone is buying up these high end 'natural' products and they believe that they are using clean products in their home,  improving their environment and their footprint as these are 'natural' and they can be proud of the purchase.   Our country allows companies to use words like natural and green, when in fact the entire product is NOT natural or green at all and maybe contains just enough of something natural to be able to label itself natural - but these are not 100% natural or any where near natural cleaning products at all!   Pure lavender essential oils are not purple - not even close from what I have read - but the products in those clear bottles contain the most loveliest of all purples for their lavender cleaner.  In order to have come up with that purple colored beauty, artificial coloring and artificial perfumes were added to create that "lavender" scent and purple tones.  We never use fake products as we only use Aromatherapy Naturals.

You can be assured that Aromatherapy Naturals are way ahead of 'green' products and the 'green cleaning' boom, in fact, hiring a cleaning services that features Aromatherapy Naturals, has greater meaning providing an elevated service, in fact, you will be hiring a Natural Cleaning Service and that is what we offer and are  available for your home or office.   We can say we offer a Natural Cleaning Service as we use an exquisite, hand-crafted, made-to-order, full line of cleaning solutions.  Providing transparency to our clients, both present & future, is extremely important and we assure you that these products are of the highest quality using the very best ingredients - nothing artificial or unnatural is every added! 

  • All products are 100% safe - for you as well as your children, any pets you may have & are for the environment
  • Aromatherapy Naturals are never manufactured to build up an inventory.  In fact, these products are never made before hand or just to stock up a few bottles.  No, that is never the case with these products.  Each and every product is exclusively made-to-order and only once the order is placed -  100% of the time!
  • The line is created in one of eight featured essential oil scents and specifically selected for their natural cleaning abilities.  The eight scents are:  Lavender;  Lavender Orange;  Pink Grapefruit;  Lemon Eucalyptus;                  Citrus Splash;  Asian Lemongrass;  Warm Orange Spice &  Peppermint Twist.  
  • Pequest Cleaning Team, LLC provides all the Aromatherapy Naturals cleaning solutions for use while providing cleaning services. Today, nearly all  home cleaning companies advertise their services as "green cleaning".  Green Cleaning is no longer an exclusive marketing tool as today, green cleaning is the new standard and this is what consumers are expecting cleaning companies to provide.  Aromatherapy Naturals are way ahead of 'green'  products and the 'green cleaning' boom, in fact, hiring a cleaning services that features Aromatherapy Naturals, has greater meaning and an elevated service, in fact, you will be hiring a Natural Cleaning Service and that is what we offer! 
  • Aromatherapy Naturals are hand created and made from the highest quality of ingredients - these products are 100% free of fillers, additives, perfumes or anything artificial
  • The following are the ONLY Ingredients that are used to create these products:  Pure Essential Oils;  Pure Grain Alcohol; Distilled Water; Organic Coconut Oil; Natural Cleaner and Preservative (Food Grade 99.9% pure);  Organic Cleanser (made from organic olive oil, organic hemp oil, organic coconut oil, organic jojoba oil & to adjust the PH citric acid); Sodium Bicarbonate; Thyme Oil, Vegetable Glycerin; Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt and Natural Surfactant (a gentle cleanser that is ECOCERT Certified)
  • Aromatherapy Naturals do not contain any of the following products and never will:   Ammonia; Vinegar; Sodium Lauryl Sulfate; Peroxide; Synthetic Fragrances, Artificial Colors or Preservatives
  • Not to mention that these products work AMAZINGLY well, better than the harsh products and the aroma of the essential oils that they are made from is WONDERFUL!  You will love these products and how clean they will leave  your home!! 
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